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We are a Scottish base film Production Company and we are powered by the Scottish Community network of film directors and producers.  We are passionate about making film, producing video or organizing specific aspects of your production to your precise needs. With the Scottish local expertise by our side, you are rest assured you will get the best services.  Film making sometimes is not about how much you spend it’s about the concept. We work with your budget and we explore the best possibilities and appoint the appropriate director, producer, crew to make it work for you.

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We film around the world and we understand that you may require different permits, equipment, languages, rules, customs and more. Don`t worry about this, we will take care of your film production needs.  Ensuring that shoot in any location is far less challenging than it may appear .Making your production run smoothly and efficiently with a dedicated and knowledgeable team. Teemaarex Ltd has an answer to any of your production problems.  We have dedicated team to make your production be the best. We understand how difficult it could be taking a project through, from initial stage to pre-production right up to post production; our team is always there to support you.

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We can organize a wonderful quality production crew anywhere both locally and international, as we work closely to achieve the best results for your production. We have a common relationship with  the leading directors, DOPs, camera operators, gaffers, sound operators, sparks, grips, hair and make-up artist , art directors, script supervisors, runners and much more around Scotland and international.